Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga- Following the orders of PDG OSCAR ALBAYALDE, CPNP, to immediately arrest the suspects responsible in the killing of Fr Richmond Nilo inside a chapel in Brgy Mayamot, Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija on Sunday evening (June 10), police authorities have arrested the gunman and primary suspect yesterday evening (June 14).
After a thorough and in-depth investigation conducted by SITG NILO and the affidavit executed by the  witness  and companion of Fr Nilo, the primary suspect identified as ADELL ROLL MILAN Y MATIAS, a resident of Brgy Malapit, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija was arrested after he was positively identified  thru the rouge gallery and computerized facial illustration of suspects presented to him.
Further investigation revealed that MILAN is a member of a gun-for-hire group and former drug surrenderer.
He is now under the custody of Nueva Ecija police and a case for Murder is already being filed against him.
"This development will  bring us closer  to the real  motive behind  Fr Nilo's death as we are still conducting follow-up operations for the possible arrest of other personalities involved. This also proves that, indeed, your police is exerting all efforts to immediately solve cases and put behind the bars of justice those who are responsible for these lawlessness," PRO3 Regional Director PCSUPT AMADOR CORPUS said.