The viral video on Facebook showing a so-called cop in civilian clothes while trying to arrest a certain male person in San Antonio, Zambales is now under investigation by police authorities. Said person was actually being apprehended thru warrantless arrest for allegedly pushing, kicking and attacking with pointed metal object one personnel of San Antonio Municipal Police Station for no apparent reason.


Prior to the incident, personnel of San Antonio Municipal Police Station were conducting monitoring and surveillance to a suspected drug personality at Brgy East Dirita, San Antonio, Zambales.


While cases for Direct Assault was already filed against subject person and Obstruction of Justice were lodged against the relatives of said person, we are continuously gathering all information relevant to said video to find out the truth and unearth the facts surrounding the incident as we do not condone any unlawful demeanor perpetrated by our members. Still, we guarantee that there will be no whitewash in the investigation and any infraction and wrongdoing committed by our policemen will never be tolerated. I vow not to tolerate my personnel's mistakes if the allegations are proven true and we assure everyone that appropriate punishment will be meted as warranted by evidence.