Alcohol Hoarding 1Alcohol Hoarding 2

  Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga- PRO3 Regional Director PBGEN RHODEL O SERMONIA said that authorities arrested two alleged alcohol hoarders during an entrapment operation, earlier this morning in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Joint operatives of the Special Concern Unit, 301st Regional Mobile Force Battalion 3 and Bulacan 1ST Provincial Mobile Force Company under the over-all supervision of PLTCOL RENANTE F PINUELA conducted entrapment operation against Emmuel Cruz PAYABYAB and Mark Menguez DAVID at Brgy. Batia, Bocaue Bulacan for hoarding, profiteering, and selling unlabeled plastic bottles of medical liquid products.

Seized from the suspects were the following: 30 pcs White Plastic Container/Galloon of Isopropyl Alcohol; 8 pcs Black Plastic Container of Isopropyl Alcohol; 434  pcs White Plastic Container/Galloon of Hydrobased Disinfectant; 30 pcs Black Plastic Container  of Hydro-based  Disinfectant; One (1) pc of Php500.00 bill marked money;  One (1) bundle of boodle money  (Php.1,000.00 each); One (1) bundle of boodle money (Php 500.00); and  One (1) copy of Delivery Receipt  with a total amount of PHP 346,650.00,  issued by EMMUEL C. PAYABYAB.

The duo is now facing charges for Violation of RA 7394 (Consumer Act), Violation of RA 7581 as amended by RA 10623 (Profiteering/Hoarding of Isopropyl Alcohol).

“ As we continue to strictly implement the Enhanced Community Quarantine, we are also going after those who are taking advantage of the situation. May this serve as a stern warning to all especially those who are still trying to hoard and sell over-priced alcohols and other vital commodities which are very much needed this time. Stricter penalties are imposed to violators,“ PBGEN SERMONIA added.