Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga – The continuous holistic approach of Central Luzon police force in partnership with all member agencies of the RTF-ELCAC3 to eradicate insurgency in the region resulted in the voluntary surrender of a former active CTG member in Tarlac on Saturday afternoon, April 9.

Joint operating troops of Mabalacat CPS (lead unit), Bamban MPS, Regional Intelligence Division – SCU, Regional Intelligence Unit (RIU), RMFB3 Intelligence Section, Pampanga Provincial Intelligence Unit (PIU), Tarlac PIU, Aurora PIU 1st & 2nd PMFC, CIDG – PFU, 22nd SAC, 2nd Special Action Battalion, Magalang MPS, W2, TOWNOL70 PAF, 70 Infantry Battalion and 72MICO, 7MIB, 7ID, PA facilitated the voluntary surrender of “Ka Julie”, former CTG member under Domingo Erlano Command – Central Aurora, 48 years old wherein he turned-in one (1) GH. MK2 . Frag; one (1) GH. M25A1. Riot. CS; 17 pieces of Ctg . 5.56 mm ball; 3 pieces of Cal .38 ball; and 3 pieces of Cal .38 revolver.

PRO3 Regional Director PBGEN MATTHEW P BACCAY said, “The unremitting efforts of RTF-ELCAC have been the contributory factors for the continuous surrender of more active and former members of CTGs as well as withdrawal of support of their sympathizers and supporters”.