Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga--- Due to prompt police response, a robber was arrested by police authorities in Sta Rita, Pampanga on Saturday night.  Joven BASERA y Avellanda, presently residing at Laplana Apartment located at Zone 2 Brgy. San Matias, Sta Rita, Pampanga was arrested by police authorites after a report was received by members of Sta Rita MPS who were conducting Oplan Sita that a robbery took place in a store at Zone 3 Brgy. Becuran, Sta Rita, Pampanga.

BASERA tried to flee but was arrested by the lawmen; however, Federico PINEDA JR y Uddipa, resident of Zone 6 Brgy. San Matias, Sta Rita, Pampanga who was then on board his motorcycle and happened to be at said place was flagged down but did not stop, unfortunately, one of the members of the responding team accidentally discharged his firearm and unintentionally hit PINEDA.

Seized from BASERA was a green purse containing loot money amounting to Php 6,290 in different denomination that was taken from the victim’s store.

A case for Robbery w/ Frustrated Homicide is now being prepared against BASERA.

Meanwhile, victims identifed as Rafael GARCIA y Ang and Carolina GARCIA y Aquino, store owners and residents of Zone 3 Brgy. Becuran, Sta Rita, Pampanga were rushed to the nearest hospital after suspect hit their heads with metal canister and soft drinks bottle at the course of the robbery. On the other hand, PINEDA was also brought to the hospital for medical treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician.


PBGEN VALERIANO T DE LEON, PRO3 Regional Director said that, "Although the quick arrest of the suspect is an accomplishment for us, still we are saddened with the unfortunate incident and we are extending our condolences to the bereaved family. We assure everyone of a fair investigation and I have already ordered PCOL ARNOLD IBAY, Pampanga Police Director to disarm PCpl Eframe Ramirez and put him under restrictive custody pending the conduct of an in-depth investigation. If found guilty, he will be meted with both administrative and criminal charges. We do not condone any irregularities from our personnel. On the other hand, I am reminding the public to be extra vigilant and alert. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your police and report any incident that will compromise your safety and security. We are always here to protect you."

The Provincial Internal Affairs Service is also conducting a Motu Propio investigation on said case while PCpl Ramirez was subjected for paraffin test. (PIO-3)