rdnup2 800x531CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 administered the Oath of Office of the Four Hundred Eleven (411)  newly appointed Non-Uniformed Personnel  this morning at the Post Gymnasium, Camp Olivas , City of San Fernando, Pampanga.   

          The Non-Commissioned Officer quota for CY 2014 is in accordance with the directive from the Directorate for Personnel and Records management to fill up the Five Hundred Ninety Seven (597) NUP vacant positions here in Region 3.

            PCSUPT PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 said that the hiring of the 411 civilian employees will replace the police personnel assigned in stations performing  administrative work  who will be deployed on the streets to increase police visibility and boost anti-crime efforts.  
“Only 2% of our police service is comprised of civilian staff. The contribution made by our non-uniformed personnel is as vital as that of our men and women in uniform, this is why we need you and we know that we can count on you”, PCSUPT PETRASANTA further said in his message.