DSC 0419CAMP OLIVAS, City of San Fernando, Pampanga-PRO 3 under the headship of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD PRO 3 conducted an earthquake drill/simulation to help prepare PNP, non-uniform personnel and other employees for an earthquake.

            The said drill/simulation started at exactly 9:00 AM. The important part of the drill is to understand when there is an earthquake it is safest to drop to the ground, find cover and hold on. The activity started by a one minute blowing of siren, wherein all PNP, non-uniform personnel and other employees inside their respective offices drop on the floor, find cover under their tables and hold on to it. Afterwards, all PNP and non-uniform personnel and other employees went outside, with both hands covering their heads because they could be battered with falling objects,  walked in a single file and proceeded at the designated evacuation area which is the Parade Ground located infront of the Admin Building solemnly. This must be done so as not to cause panic while an earthquake is taking place.  
            The Earthquake drill is an annual exercise designed for the awareness, preparedness and readiness of PRO 3 PNP, non-uniform personnel and employees during an actual earthquake.

                     CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- Through the aggressive campaign of Police Regional Office 3 under the leadership of its Regional Director, PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA to arrest wanted criminals and put them behind bars, a wanted person for Estafa and listed Nr 7 Most Wanted Person in Samal, Bataan fell in the hands of authorities on September 20, 2014.

              Based on reports that reached this Office, in the afternoon of said date, a manhunt operation was conducted by members of the Intelligence Platoon, Regional Public Safety Battalion 3 which resulted in the arrest of Alma SACDALAN y Oconer by virtue of Warrant of Arrest issued by Hon Manuel M Tan, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 2, Balanga City, Bataan with Criminal Case Nr 11168 to 11174 for Estafa  with Php 40,000.00 bail recommended.
            SACDALAN and her cohorts were illegally recruiting job seekers in Samal with a promising job and salary in Italy.   
            Arrested suspect was turned over to Samal Municipal Police Station for documentation.    
        With this accomplishment, PCSUPT PETRASANTA remarked that Police Regional Office 3 will carry on its mandated tasks to enforce the law and place lawless elements behind bars.

                      CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- Police Regional Office 3 leadership is continuously intensifying its cleansing of police personnel to regain the public’s trust and confidence.

            From January of this year to date, a total of one hundred twenty (120) administrative cases have been filed against one hundred thirty five (135) erring PRO3 personnel, eighteen (18) of whom are Police Commissioned Officers and the remaining one hundred seventeen (117) are Police Non-Commissioned Officers which comprises a nominal 1.2% of the total number of PRO3 police force which is 11, 116.
            Based on records from PRO3’s Discipline Law and Order Section (DLOS), the primary unit tasked to impose disciplinary action against erring policemen, sixty (60) PNP personnel were dismissed from the police service while fifty one (51) were suspended and eight (8) were meted with demotion to the next lower rank.
            PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 said that said those meted with disciplinary action were given all due process during the duration of the investigations before final decisions were released.

            On the other hand, from 2005 to date, eighty (80) criminal cases have been filed against PNP personnel.
            " We will continue to weed out hoodlums and punish the undisciplined among our ranks through the strict application of the punitive sanctions for violations of PNP rules and regulations, and intensified counter-intelligence effort against illegal activities of PNP personnel”, said PCSUPT PETRASANTA.
         gunforhireCAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- As a result of its commitment to capture lawless elements and put them behind bars, Police Regional Office 3 under the leadership of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 gained another headway against suspected members of a notorious Robbery and Gun- for –Hire group operating within Tarlac, Bulacan, Angeles City and nearby provinces during the conduct of Oplan Manhunt Charlie, PRO3’s intensified campaign against Wanted Persons. 
            Earlier this morning, joint personnel of Bulacan Police Intelligence Branch and Sta Maria Police Station conducted manhunt operation at Brgy San Gabriel, Sta Maria Bulacan which resulted to the arrest of Tarlac’s Nr 10 Most Wanted Person and leader of Criminal Gang Laxamana Group and included as Nr 1 in the Target List of the newly activated Intelligence Task Group in Greater Manila. Said group is engaged in various nefarious activities such as Robbery Hold-up, Carnapping, Hi-jacking and Gun Running and is   included in PRO3’s Regional Level Target List.
            Arrested gang leader was identified as Henry LAXAMANA y Zamora together with his cohorts namely: Jose QUIZON Jr @ Jr; Raymart AGUSTIN@ Mart; Michael RAZON; and, Kevin RAZON.
            Confiscated from the group were the following: Two (2) Cal. 45; Two (2) hand grenades; One (1) Nissan Car; and, Two (2) motorcycles.          
            Arrested suspects and recovered evidence are now under the custody of Bulacan Police Intelligence Branch and appropriate charges are being prepared against them for filing in court.
            The successful arrest of LAXAMANA and his group who are considered a high value target was a result of this office’s relentless surveillance and intelligence driven operations.

     PCSUPT PETRASANTA lauded the operating troops for a job well done and further remarked that one criminal off the street accords citizens with a sound sleep. Moreover, he directed all Police Provincial Offices to conduct an obstinate, efficient campaign and advocacy by implementing a wide-ranging pro-active approach/strategy on its campaign against lawless elements in coordination with various law enforcement and other concerned government agencies.

              DSC 0266 1024x680CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA-On September 12, 2014 at around 11:30 in the morning, joint elements of RAIDSOTF3, PDEA National Office, PDEA Region 3 and Intelligence Operations Section, RID3  conducted simultaneous search warrant operations in a warehouse at Greenville Subdivision, Brgy San Jose and Brgy Sindalan, all in City of San Fernando, Pampanga  which resulted in the apprehension of Jason LEE, 28 years old, Willy YAP, 26 years old,  Near Tan, 26  years old  and Ying Ying Huang @ Sophia, all native of Xiamen, China.

Recovered inside the warehouse were the following: more or less 725kgs shabu; 250kgs ephedrine still undetermined value and 29 sacks of undetermined substance to be examined at the PDEA laboratory. Also recovered were one (I) Montero; one (1) close van truck; one (1)  Toyota Fortuner; and, one  (1) old look Toyota Corolla.
Arrested persons and seized items are presently under the custody of PDEA National Office for proper disposition.
            PCSUPT PETRASANTA lauded the operating troops for a job well done and further stated that PNP PRO3 is continuously conducting pro-active operations and invigorates its efforts to wipe out all forms of illegal drugs in order to achieve its quest for a drug free Central Luzon