Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga – In its continued efforts to address the rising crime incidents in various towns and communities in the region, Police Regional Office 3 under the leadership of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA launched a new approach in crime prevention which involves reinforced police mobile and visibility patrol complemented by vigorous checkpoint operations and on-the-spot weapons check operations on riding in tandem motorists and also on board public conveyances.

Shotgun deployment of PNP personnel to address various crimes overtime had been proven to be the most popular anti-crime strategy among police commanders, particularly to those who are threaten to cross their leadership’s comfort zone, being it the easiest and effortless crime prevention and solution approach, despite being confronted by a life size reality that this had not convincingly answered criminality problems in the past as the same still happens today and even became more blatant, like crimes being done with the use of motorcycle and hi-jacking.

Triggered by this alarming situation which entail so much logistics and waste of personnel time and effort plus the unsatisfied and distasteful community feedback, PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA being known as an innovative leader and manager immediately ordered the composition of a Technical Working Group to analyze, study and come up with a more brazen, deliberate, practical and tailor fit solution to a specific problem such as the motorcycle riding criminals and hi-hacking in Region 3.

“Specific problems require specific solutions”, was the guiding principle in the formulation of PRO3 refocused anti-criminality action plan against Motorcycle Riding Criminals (MRCs) and Hi-jacking. OPLAN “NO MRCs” which showcases the deployment of a well-trained and more equipped PNP Motorcycle Teams tasked specifically to go head to head against Motorcycle Riding Criminals and activation of region-wide Anti-Hijacking Task Groups to be positioned in all roads of commerce in order to protect the productivity and economic fluidity not only of Region 3 as well as its adjacent regional trade partners with the institutionalization of a Unified Pass Card System.

The deployment of PNP Motorcycle teams may not totally stop the occurrence of crime incidents involving motorcycle riding criminals but PRO3 is very optimistic that it will definitely serve as a deterrent to would be criminals, the four man motorcycle team roaming the street will limit the criminals’ mobility and timing, depriving them the element of opportunity in order to consummate their plan. Instead of breaking a team to cover a larger area which reciprocally diminished its effectiveness, they will move and operate into four to go against a tandem, with man power advantage, training and enough logistics, steered by dedication and commitment to duty there is no doubt that this endeavor will spell the difference.

The institutionalization of a Unified Pass Card System in order to protect almost a thousand trucking and hauling business operators and owners and hundred thousands of employees with their families whose bread and butter depends on trucking and hauling is another great leap taken by PRO3 under PCSUPT RAUL PETRASANTA in support to the region’s economic trust towards global competitiveness.

Dedicated Anti-Hijacking Task Group will be positioned in strategic location to enforce the Unified Pass Card System. Documents pertaining to the kind of commodity or product being hauled, its destination and point of origin, drivers name, dispatcher and company name or owner of the truck and product shall be reflected in the accomplished form which shall serve as pass card which is subject to validation by the members of the Anti-Hijacking Task Group where the trucking passes through, this is to preempt any breach in the security of the trucking while on the road. Mutual transparency and trust between the law enforcement agencies and stakeholders had been sealed during the Anti-Hijacking Summit which happened in February this year.

Initially for the purpose of today’s launching program, existing motorcycle units in the different provincial, city and municipal police stations were regrouped. Riding personnel had undergone refreshers training in combat motorcycle riding techniques and safety, while existing motorcycle were subjected to technical inspection and operational readiness test to ensure the safety of motorcycle team. On the other hand Anti-Hijacking personnel composed of Regional Public Safety Battalion 3, Provincial Public Safety Companies and Regional Highway Patrol 3 in their official Anti-Hijacking operation uniform in mass formation were presented and greeted all the attendees.

Local Chief Executives of the region, heads of agencies including other stakeholders were invited during the launching not only to witness the static display and skills demonstration of the personnel but also for them to appreciate the operational effectiveness of the strategy, and importantly to draw support from them in the generation and acquisition of additional motorcycle units and training of their respective police in order to attain the desired number of teams necessary in each area, the deployment will vary and will be based on priority depending on the daily crime analysis.

“Your mission is to prevent the commission of crimes by motorcycle-riding criminals and arrest suspects, including members of their network and support system, as evidence warrants. Protect the general public and respect the rights of private citizens, be knowledgeable and proficient in your job, remain authoritative but courteous and humble at all times. Walang abusado. No extortion (kotong ) activities. Victims are encouraged to text abuses to our Ireport Mo sa Pulis hotline (0998 9983000).
In order to achieve desired maximum effect of deterrence to crime incidents and protection of the general public, you must conduct patrols as a team for easy identification and recognition; all personnel shall use GOA “C” or standard patrol uniform.
Ride safely and protect yourselves at all times, wear personal protective gears but these shall not obstruct your PNP uniforms.
I am extremely proud of each one of you, the professional and dedicated members of our motorcycle teams and anti-hijacking special task group. We are all one in attaining and accomplishing our mandate to protect life and property and maintain a safe and peaceful environment”, PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA had emphasized on his message during the launching

                     Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, PampangaPolice Regional Office 3 under the leadership of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 conducted a seminar on Explosives Management which was facilitated by the PNP Civil Security Group- Firearms and Explosives Office headed by PCSUPT LOUIE OPPUS with representatives from ORICA Philippines/ Philippine Association of Industrial Explosives Incorporated as resource speakers and PCSUPT ELMER SORIA, OIC of the PNP Civil Security Group as Guest of Honor and Speaker on March 14, 2014 at the PRO3 Multi-Purpose Hall, Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

            Engr Louie Sarmiento together with other members of ORICA Philippines gave a presentation on Hazardous Material and Basic Blasting Scheme Computation.
            On the other hand, PCINSP APOLLO TOGONON and PCI SOLEDAD ARCISO of the PNP CSG-FEO gave a very interesting presentation on the Rules and Regulations for the Control and Supervision of Importation, Sale and Possession of Chemicals Used as Ingredients in the Manufacture of Explosives and for other purposes (RA 8294, EO 552) focusing on the following points: Laws governing the Licensing of Explosives; Kinds of Explosives Licenses and Permits; Requirements for Issuance of Licenses and Permits; Licenses and Permits Fees; Salient Features of RA 8294 and RA 9516; and, Memoranda, Rules and Regulations re: Handling of Explosives/ explosive ingredients.
            The 170 participants from the PNP, stakeholders and explosives industry were able to take home valuable information in the Compact Discs distributed to them after the seminar.

             CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- Through the directives of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA , RD, PRO3 to all his City/Provincial Directors to map out stricter security measures and triple their efforts in trimming down crime incidents within their respective areas of responsibilities thru the conduct of intensified police focused operations and implementation of search warrants and warrants of arrests, a suspected person involved in illegal activities was arrested in the morning of February 22, 2014 in Arayat, Pampanga.

            Elements of the Regional Public Safety Battalion 3 together with elements of the Regional Intelligence Unit 3, Pampanga PPO and Arayat MPS armed with Search Warrant No. 06-04 for Violation of PD 1866 as amended by RA 8294 issued by Hon. Judge Celso O Baguio, RTC Gapan, Nueva Ecija arrested Sixto MALLARI at his residence at Purok 1, San Roque Bitas, Arayat, Pampanga.

            Consequently, during the course of the said operation, the searching team recovered one (1) Armscor Cal .45 with Serial No.1276924 from one of MALLARI’s guest identified as Ferdinand CASUPANAN y David, a resident of Blk 33, Lot 10, San Isidro Resettlement, Brgy. San Isidro, Magalang, Pampanga.

            CASUPANAN was a former member of Philippine Constabulary (PC) and Vice-President of Guardian Brotherhood Incorporated (GBI) who was then attending their National Policy Board Meeting (Founder Summit).

            MALLARI and CASUPANAN as well as confiscated firearm were brought to Pampanga PPO for further investigation and verification.


            PCSUPT PETRASANTA said that PNP PRO3 will continue its unwavering efforts to fight criminality within the region and will keep on reinvigorating its anti-criminality campaigns.  

               anti-hijacking summitCAMP OLIVAS, City of San Fernando, Pampanga- With at least 969 companies engaged in trucking and hauling business in Central Luzon and still fast growing, employing large number of truck drivers and helpers permanent or earning a living per movement of commodities from in and out of Region 3, contributing largely to the economic development of not only Central Luzon but to the whole national government, PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD PRO3 sensing the urgency and importance of a dependable and doable anti-criminality campaign, called for an Anti- Hijacking Summit, a more drastic and deliberate attempt to prevent and curb hijacking incidents within Region 3.

The summit which was held on February 26, 2014 in Camp Olivas, Multi-Purpose Hall, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, has been flooded by trucking and hauling business owners/operators and other personalities engaged in manufacturing up to the last minute of the activity, showing their interest and support to the revitalized anti-hijacking campaign of PRO 3.
            One of the salient points discussed is the revival of the issuance of pass cards to all drivers of cargo trucks plying various routes and main highways in the region. The move is in line with an effort to curtail the rising cases of hijacking in the region wherein the province of Pampanga has the most recorded number of incidents as per record of the Regional Highway Patrol Unit 3 wherein hi-jacking incidents increased from 7 in 2012 to 32 in 2013 Regionwide.
            During the forum, anti- hijacking PNP personnel as well as their checkpoint locations and contact numbers were given to the truckers which are part of the pro-active measures being carried out by PRO3. At least 142 Anti-Hijacking Checkpoints will be established in all trucking routes from end to end of the region on its initial implementation with dedicated personnel from Regional Public Safety Battalion 3 and Provincial Public Safety Companies and Regional Highway Patrol Unit 3. Also during the summit, the stakeholders had been able to share their experiences on hijacking, their insights and suggestions to the betterment of the plan, they also had a chance to personally address their concerns to the respective provincial directors and other unit commanders present on the summit.
           anti-hijacking-summit3 “With our Anti-hijacking Summit, I am hopeful that as our partners, you will continue to work hand in hand with us in maintaining peace and order in Central Luzon and that this activity will serve as deterrent in preventing and fighting crime particularly the series of hijacking that has been taking place in the region,” PCSUPT PETRASANTA said in his message.
      Compact Discs (CDs) containing all information regarding the Anti-Hijacking Summit with emphasis on the reporting system and mechanics thru “Ireport Mo sa Pulis” Hotline 0999-9983000 were provided to the participants.

             CAMP OLIVAS, CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, PAMPANGA- The unwavering efforts of Police Regional Office 3 under the leadership of PCSUPT RAUL D PETRASANTA, RD, PRO3 to beef up the implementation of anti-criminality campaigns and to intensify police focused operations to deter carnapping and crimes perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals within the region resulted in the arrest of two motorcycle riding suspects in Angeles City on February 19, 2014.      


            Based on reports that reached this Office, at about 10:40 AM of said date, elements of Angeles City Police Station 4 received a phone call from the Assistant Manager of Metro Bank-Balibago Branch regarding two unidentified male persons on board a single black motorcycle roaming around the vicinity of Montang St. particularly in front of Metro Bank wherein the back rider’s face was covered with a red shirt.

            Elements of Station 4 immediately proceeded at said place and saw the duo on board a black motorcycle with dilapidated plate number travelling along Montang St. going north direction. Policemen chased the duo and upon reaching 711 convenient store, suspects stopped and when the back rider alighted from the motorcycle   pursuing police immediately apprehended the suspect upon seeing that a gun was tucked in his waist and when frisked, one small size transparent plastic sachet containing suspected “shabu” was found in his pocket. Likewise, a revolver gun was also confiscated from the driver.

            The duo was identified as Ryan SANGIL y Dizon and Redimer YALUNG y Sangil, both residents of 12891 Santol st., Dau Homesite, Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga.

            Suspects together with recovered pieces of evidence are now under the custody of Station 4 and documents are being prepared against them for inquest proceedings.

            PCSUPT PETRASANTA commended the operating troops for a job well done. He also assured the public that PRO 3 will continue its campaign to eradicate all forms of criminality within the region.