VAC 03252021 1

Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga- As part of the counter and preventive measures and also a Best Practice of Police Regional Office 3 to contain the spread of the CoVid-19 virus, on March 24, 2021, PRO3 head PBGEN VALERIANO T DE LEON initiated VALUE: Viable to all; Aggregate Welfare; Lasting/ Long- Term Benefits; Untiring Support; Excellent service to PRO3 personnel.

Dubbed as "VALUE", the program is a viber group chat for all covid19 infected personnel in the region purposely to reach all patients who are either confined in hospitals or in isolation facilities. Similar to a support group, it aims to provide various types of help to include:

a) prayers for Divine intervention

b) sharing of experiences and coping strategies

c) suggestions for initial actions to better address the needs of infected personnel to improve their condition

d) boost their morale by providing sympathetic understanding

e) monitor and update of conditions of infected personnel for possible emergence of other health problems.

Since it is on a daily basis, there is also a dedicated team to facilitate said viber group chat.

"We always say "Prevention is better than cure", this is why we have to maximize our efforts in finding ways and means to fight this invisible foe as we cannot afford to lose to Covid-19. In the same way, VALUE will make our personnel feel that the PRO3 Command cares and supports its personnel especially during times of difficulties and crisis. As we care for others, we value ours," PBGEN DE LEON added.( PIO-3)###